Summer 2016 (Quick update, more to come)

So I did it again: I waited a YEAR to post anything about what I’ve been up to.

But I’ve finally started up a new, personal website (in addition to this blog), and the plan is to catch up on performances and travels on this website, and then keep both sites up to date.

It’s half for myself, to keep organized. I’m starting my last year at UC Santa Cruz, and I’ll be performing more than I ever have: jazz combos, big bands, orchestras, brass quintet, a senior recital, shows around town, and personal projects with WabiSabi, a hip-hop/jazz fusion group started by me and four other musicians earlier this year.

I’ve also watched more performances this year than in any other, and 2016’s been a huge year for hip hop and jazz album releases; I’m filled with (late) critique that will show up here.

Keep checking back – I have plenty of reviews, recordings, compositions, and stories to put up from this summer (and with any luck I’ll get the bulk of it done before class gets back next week…)

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