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November 2nd, 2014

Tune in to KZSC tomorrow at 2 pm (Pacific time) for the Calypso episode of Muse-Tripper! West Indies Calypso music is so crazy interesting to me right now, because:

1. It totally makes you picture lying on a white beach in the Caribbean, with a glass of rum in hand.
2. West Indies slaves used this music to protest against their inhumane conditions, while also documenting the history of Trinidad and Tobago.
3. Pirates.

That last one actually has to do more with a book I just finished, which takes place in the West Indies of the 1600s. Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini is an adventure-pirate-romance classic, and is loosely based on the (mis)adventures of Captain Morgan, a.k.a. Blackbeard, a.k.a. the most daring pirate to ever actually roam the seas. The protagonist begins his story by being sold into slavery in the Caribbean, so I’m sure he heard an earful of this music, too.

Here’s the link to the station again, in case you can’t physically scroll up:

October 27th, 2014

Just aired another episode of Muse-Tripper Radio! This week’s theme was Irish Rebel Music. Definitely makes me want to see The Young Dubliners in concert.

I’m having trouble recording my shows; the website I’m using is a little tricky, but I’ll have recordings up when I get a chance. In any case, be sure to tune in to KZSC next Monday, November 3rd at 2 pm for the next airing. I’m going to check out Calypso music from the West Indies, mostly because I’ve been reading Captain Blood.

Muse-Tripper Radio – October 20th, 2014

Muse-Tripper’s taking to the airwaves! I’ve settled back into my routine as a music major at UC Santa Cruz, and though I’ll physically be here for the next nine months or so, I’ll be mentally (and aurally) touring the world once a week as a DJ on KZSC. Each week I’ll pick a new geographic location and check out the local music scene there, with a tilt towards music that’s developed as a response to political, economic, or social conflict (because happy music gets old fast). The show happens every Monday from 2 PM to 4 PM, and you can listen online at KZSC’s website. This’ll go on for about nine weeks or so, unless the station collapses before that (it’s not exactly up to earthquake code).

The first show’s today, and the location, of course, is Palestine. With last summer’s trip fresh in my mind, I thought we’d dive into Palestinian hip hop, which has become a form of protest against the Israeli occupation. Some of these artists, like DAM, Shadia Mansour, and Lowkey have gotten really big and tour all around the world.

Live Stream! Tune in here! —>